Do you feel dissatisfied with your life or your relationships?

Are you experiencing challenges in your professional or personal life that you are unable to manage on your own?

Do you feel anxious or depressed and unable to explain why?

Are you having difficulty adjusting to transitions in your life?

Many people encounter problems in their lives that they are unable to successfully resolve on their own.
Psychotherapy can be extraordinarily useful during these times. In psychotherapy, people develop a better understanding of themselves and the situation, overcome internal and external barriers to addressing their concerns, and develop the skills they need to successfully move forward in their lives.

Terry believes in the power of psychotherapy to effect positive change and is dedicated to helping others create satisfying and meaningful lives. Her goal, as a psychotherapist, is to offer a non-judgmental, supportive and caring environment where her clients can work through difficult emotions, improve their understanding of themselves and others, and strengthen their problem-solving abilities and coping skills. In collaboration with her clients, Terry will help clarify their goals for treatment and develop a treatment plan. Extensively trained in a variety of treatment approaches, she will individualize treatment to meet the unique needs of her clients. Throughout treatment, Terry is interactive and collaborative with her clients, continually reevaluating the treatment plan to ensure that the client is accomplishing their goals.

Terry provides individual, couples, marital and group psychotherapy in her practice. She is also available for consultations.

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