Alzheimer’s Disease And Related Dementias

Are you caring for someone with dementia?

Have you been diagnosed with dementia?

Are you confused about what you need to do now and in the future to care for yourself or your loved one?

Do you need help deciding when and how to use community resources?

If you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia, you may feel confused and frightened about the future.  Receiving support, counseling and education is extraordinarily helpful throughout this journey.

At your first meeting, Terry will assess the needs of you and/or your family member and work with you to develop and implement a care plan.  She will help you throughout the course of the disease offering support, counseling, information and practical assistance with locating and accessing resources.  Consultations are provided on a one-time basis or as needed throughout the course of the disease.

Terry also specializes in providing individual psychotherapy and education to those in the early stages of dementia and to their care partners. Psychotherapy is provided to strengthen coping skills, work through difficult emotions, adjust to changes in lifestyle and in relationships, develop an understanding of the disease process and prepare for the future. Providing accurate and current information is a key component of her work with people who have dementia and their families.

Terry facilitates support groups for people with dementia and their care partners. She has provided groups for special populations, including a group for those with younger-onset dementia.

In the course of her career, Terry has worked with hundreds of people with dementia and their care partners.  She understands how challenging living with dementia is for both the individual and their families. She is dedicated to utilizing her expertise to individualize and optimize the journey for her clients.

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